Reunion 2014

Saturday 18th October, 2014

It was decided to have a change of venue for our 5th Reunion. This was not an easy thing to do as we had to make the venue accessible and easy to get to for most members, as well as the normal requirements – comfort, good food and at a reasonable cost.  We looked long and hard, but eventually came up with a comparatively new Hotel, the Radstone, just off the M74 south of Larkhall.
As it turned out the choice was excellent, as those who attended the Reunion I’m sure will affirm. We had a very similar turnout of members and guests as we had in 2010, but a fair number of apologies for absence were received. Unfortunately Ian and Louise Gemmell, and Tom and Margaret Bicket had to call off at the last minute. Three well known people from motor sport past and present had been invited as our principal guests.  The format was the same, as in past Reunions, with Chairman Jimmy McInnes interviewing our guests and notable members between each course during dinner.  This kept us interested and amused during and after the meal.
Our Principal Guests
Rosemary Smith will be remembered as the Dublin dress designer who rose to fame as a Works Rally driver in the 1960s, having won many Ladies awards in International Rallies including the Tulip, the Monte, the Alpine, the Acropolis, the Circuit if Ireland, the Scottish and many others.
Anthony Reid a racing driver, born in Glasgow in 1957, who now lives in England.  He spent many years in Formula 3, winning the Japanese Formula 3 Championship in 1992 and winning Japanese GT Championship races, but his success has mostly been with a roof over his head, firstly in sports cars and later in Touring Car Racing.  More recently he has been racing these cars in South America for the Works Honda Petrobras Team, film work with Top Gear and is now with team mate Jordan Witt were crowned 2011 British GT Champions (GTC) in a Works Chevron.
Stuart Turner has had a chequered career in Motor Sport as a competitor, journalist, Competition Manager for BMC, Director of Ford Motorsport Europe, author, after-dinner speaker, etc.  He was one of our guests at the 2007 Reunion and has been a V.S.M.A. Member since.


 Signing-on and Reception

As usual, the Documentation Table was manned by our “Ladies” including Adele Paterson, Fiona watson, Nancy Crichton, Margaret Smillie and Catriona Gordon.   We were lucky to have a couple of extremely interesting vehicles on display in the Reception area – Andrew Cowan’s restored works Hillman Imp in which he had won many events; and the Cooper Sports MG of George Cooper which has a fascinating history.  Apart from the cars on view there were several photographic stands.  Images for these had been supplied from the collections of Bill Henderson, Jim Moir and Jack Davidson plus many others came from images supplied by members over the years.  We are indebited to Alan Carlaw for adjusting and printing most of them.
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Dinner and Interviews

Following a very noisy Reception, a marvellous meal had been laid on by the Hotel which seemed to please everyone.  An amusing Motorsport Grace was delivered by Stuart Turner at the request of Chairman Jimmy McInnes. As usual, between courses Jimmy interviewed individually our three Guests, starting with Rosemary Smith who responded appropriately with amusing anecdotes about her career and the various vehicles she had had at her disposal while a Works driver.  Later Jimmy talked to Anthony Reid who is still racing in the British Touring Car Championship in a Works Chevron having had a career in racing which took him from as far afield as Japan and S. America. Other members were also asked to say few words to the assembly. Finally, Stuart Turner said a few words. Those who remembered Stuart from the 2007 Reunion would recall what an entertaining speech he gave then.  He had everyone in stitches once again.


At the end of the evening Vice-Chairman Bob Baillie gave the vote of thanks to everyone who had contributed to such an enjoyable evening.  Before he did this he requested that members looked under their seats to find a surprise ticket.  A lucky winner from each table was then presented with a bottle of Scotch!  We look forward to the next Reunion,  whenever that may be.
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Sunday Morning

 Programme Extracts and a few of the Display Board Images

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 A few images of Rosemary Smith’s Motorsport Career

Anthony Reid supplied these images

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Apologies received from Non-Starters

Tom Bicket, Troon
I’m sorry Tom and I will have to cancel tomorrow night’s dinner. 
Sorry, we will be missing what will be as usual an excellent evening.
Regards to all,  Marion Bicket
Mid Bruce, Annbank, Ayrshire
Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the dinner this time as we
have my son and his family here for that weekend.
George Dean, Edinburgh and Islay
Sorry to say I cannot make the reunion this time.  We have not managed
a getaway so far this year, and Portugal seems to have won the
race against the dinner!
George Cooper, Kilsyth Glasgow
Looks like we cannot attend the Reunion. We would be away
anyway on that I weekend to Portamao.
Stan Hutchison, Lenzie
Unfortunately, due to ill health, Inez and I will be unable to join in
the fun at the reunion on 18th October.
I am sure it will be as successful as in the past.
Bruce Lyle,  West Kilbride
It gives me no pleasure at all to have to advise you that I will not be able
to make the Reunion, as I will be on holiday in France.  Had I
not already had to reschedule this trip, I may have done that, but a
certain Mrs Lyle would not be a happy person!  My apologies for absence
and I am truly disappointed that I will not be there, to enjoy
the company of old friends.  I am sure you will have a great time
and hope that I will still be around for the next one!
Allan MacVarish,  Lemington Spa
Sorry to say I won’t be able to make the Reunion on 18th October
as I’m competing at Buckmore Park Historic Go-Kart Championship.
Apologies I won’t make it – hope you all have a great time.

Robert McKenzie,  Barrhead
I must apologise for not being in contact earlier but I have been out of the country
and the date of the Reunion just slipped my memory.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend as I will be away from home that
weekend but I hope the dinner goes well – please minute my apologies.
Best wishes to all my fellow members.
Gray Mickel,  Newton Mearns
Unfortunately, we will be unable to attend.  We hope all goes well at the
Charlie Bruce Miller,  Cults
Much to my regret, I will be unable to attend.  If George Forbes or
Alistair Clark is there please give them my regards…..I had many a
great battle with them in our Minis.   I still tell the story of how
Jimmy McInnes introduced his  Charterhall  mechanic at an earlier
Reunion…………Jackie Stewart no less!  I doubt if I will ever hear a
better introduction.   Every best wish for another great evening
Jim Moir
I am afraid we will not be able to attend this time as we expect to
be down south.  I hope that we can attend a future event and wish
you all the best for the evening.
Stella Morgan, Kemnay
We have booked a holiday to go see Roy Campbell in Dubai on 19th
so will be too rushed to do both.   Apologies for missing the event.
Logan Morrison, Stirling
Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend the Reunion.  I will be in
Australia visiting my daughter and grandchildren at that time.
Hope everyone has a great time.
Monty Pearson,  Bridgend, Duns  
Unfortunately, my son is doing the Cambrian Rally the weekend of 18th
October as a shakedown for Rally GB four weeks later and as Team
Manager I need to be there.  Hope the Reunion goes well
George Robinson,  Aberdeen
Sorry I cannot attend the dinner.  If anyone remembers me, please
Pass on my good wishes.
Ian Scott-Watson,  Greenlaw
I very much regret I will not be able to attend so please tender my
apologies for absence and best wishes for a happy and enjoyable
meeting of kindred souls.
Ken Strachan,  Cupar
I am very sorry that I will have to pass on the Reunion…. I am out
of circulation driving-wise at present……. I wish all the members a
very pleasant Reunion on the 18th.  I trust all will go well on the night.
Ian Stewart, Crieff
I am afraid I have reached the age and stage where such pleasures
are no longer possible, but please accept my very best wishes for a
thoroughly enjoyable Reunion!
David Swinton, Morpeth
I will not be able to join you all for the next reunion due to an
existing engagement but hope to be able to make it up to see you all
before too long.
Peter Weall, Lenzie
Please note my apologies for the upcoming event on 18th October.  I
would very much like to have been there but have a family wedding
on that same day.
Geunda Young, Islay
Initially, I thought that it would be a good jaunt for big Deans and
me, but then I spotted the date.  Unfortunately, it is a couple of
days after Mike and I return from my son’s wedding in Ibiza, and I
couldn’t in all conscience, take more time off work.  Such a shame as
I am sure it will be a jolly good evening!
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 List of Starters

Entrants                      Location                              Partner/Guest

  Class 1: Pre-1962

Alan Carlaw                                Muirend, Glasgow
Audrey Carlaw                           Muirend, Glasgow
Alastair Clark                             Kelvinside, Glasgow
Sam Colman                               Douglas, Lanarkshire                         Margaret Colman
Andrew Cowan                           Berwick-upon-Tweed            Linda Cowan, Michael Deans
Eric Dymock                               Lincoln
Walter Gray                                Perth                                                       Bette Gray
Charlie Harrison                        Edinburgh                        Sheilagh Douglas-Hamilton
Bill Henderson                           Falkirk
Arlene McInnes                         Troon, Ayrshire
Jimmy McInnes                         Troon, Ayrshire
Gordon McRobbie                     Airdrie                                                Christine Mc Robbie
John Melvin                                Eaglesham
Sandy Morrison                          Stirling                             Helen Morrison, Mary Sword
Norman Lilley                             Balfron, Glasgow
Mairi Parker                                Larkhall
Stuart Parker                               Larkhall
Duncan Paterson                        Newton Mearns
Pat Smith                                      Elgin                                                    John Smith
Johnstone Syer                            Rosyth
Boyd Tunnock                              Uddingston                      Anne Tunnock,  Marilyn Jack
Stuart Turner                                Chipping Norton                              Margaret Turner
Andy Watson                                 Glasgow                                             Fiona Watson
Hamish Wilson                              Hamilton

 Class 2: 1962 – 1971

Kenny Allen                                   Crossford                                           Kenny Gunn
Fraser Anderson                           Milngavie
Bob Baillie                                      Kilmarnock                                       Margaret Baillie
Tom Bicket                                     Symington                                        Marion Bicket
Willie Crawford                             Lasswade                                          Marnie Crawford
Barry Crichton                               Cumbernauld                                  Nancy Crichton
Billy Cuthbertson                          Troon                                                 Anne Cuthbertson
Jack Davidson                               Winchburgh
Ian Gemmell                                  Mauchline                                         Louise Gemmell
Jamie Gibbon                                Cumbernauld                                   Shonah Gibbon
Donald Gordon                             Paisley                                                Catriona Gordon
Alex Graham                                  Lanark
William Henderson, jr                 Falkirk
Brian Hopkins                               Airdrie
Marion Hopkins                            Airdrie
Donald MacDonald                       West Kilbride                                   Tricia MacDonald
Hugh MacKinnon                          Houston
William Montgomery                    Perth & Kinross                              Eileen Montgomery
Adele Paterson                                Newton Mearns
Chris Paton                                      Hyndford Bridge
Clive Reeves                                    Helensburgh                                    Flora Reeves
Bill Reid                                            Glasgow                                           Hazel Reid
Olly Ross                                           Helensburgh
Tom Sleigh                                        Wishaw
Ian Smillie                                         Milngavie
Margaret Smillie                              Milngavie
Rosemary Smith                              Dublin
Geoff Stone                                       Diseworth
Johnnie Thomson                           Hamilton                                          Jay Thomson
Charlie Young                                   Strathaven                                       Netta Young

Class 3: 1971 – 1982

John Cleland                                      Melrose
James Crichton                                 Newton Mearns
Sandy Denholm                                 Edinburgh
Michael Dymock                               Newton Mearns
Alex Houliston                                   Barrhead
Paul Mason                                        Dullatur                                            Gill Mason
Hugh McCaig                                     Penicuik
Dave McNair                                      Dunfermline
Martin Pieracchini                            Inverness
Anthony Reid                                     Iffley Village
Harry Simpson                                  Edinburgh

Class 4: 1982 – 1989   

Stephen Cooper                                 Cumbernauld                                     Roslyn Cooper
Glen Mortimer                                   Edinburgh
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