Reunion 2016

Friday 14th October 2016

Firdstly, I must apologise for the contents of this report as it has streched my memory of the event which was held over 17 months ago.  Some of the contents are a bit vague and the images too are shorter than usual, having misplaced most of them!

Following the success of the previous Reunion in 2014, it was decided to go back to the Radstone hotel, near Larkhall. The numbers however were down since 2014 but did have 96 people attending.  We also had a number of Apologies from members who could not attend. The format was very similar to the previous year with the addition of a raffle for the Charity “The Race Against Dementia” which had been founded by our Honorary President.  Several members had denoted prizes including paintings by Arlene McInnes. One of the main items on the programme was the presentation to Kenny Allen after dinner. This was in recognition of his many years supporting Motorsport by competing in Scotland and abroad.

The Reception –

Instead of the room holding cars, as earlier events, we had display boards showing images of members’s past motorsport achievements, etc.  We also had a table showing the prizes to be one on the raffle.

Dinner –

The Radstone again produced an enjoyable meal.  During dinner Adele Paterson and some of the Reception “Staff” were busy going round the tables “encouraging” members to buy tickets for the Raffle.  Their efforts were very successful as we were able to pass on £665.00 to the “Race Against Dementia” Charity.


Adele Paterson persuading Hugh McCabe and Sandy Denholm to part with a few pennies!

Following Dinner, Chairman Jimmy McInnes chaired a discussion on the stage with Kenny Allen, Johnstone Syer and Andrew Cowan.  This was quite a lively affair, especially when Johnstone related his many adventures as a co-driver with some of the world’s best Rally Drivers, including Andrew Cowan.  At the conclusion Kenny Allen was presented the award from VSMA for all his efforts over the years, in supporting Motorsport.

Kenny’s “Trophy” was a clock in the centre of a refurbished crankshaft wheel. I think he might have appreciated his connection with this piece of hardware!

Kenny Holding his Award.

Here is an excerpt from the evening’s Programme which explains what everyone felt about Kenny. He is surely one of the unsung heroes of Scottish Motor Sport and it was time that this was recognised.

  • Charlie Young has managed to put together a brief resume of his life to date including just a few of his motor sport achievements.
    “Kenny Allen was born in Lanark on the 23rd August 1937 into a family which was already in the garage business. His grandfather had started the business in Crossford. This was continued by his father before Kenny joined the business in 1953, having served his five year apprenticeship with the Ladyacre Garage in Lanark.
    The family also ran buses between Hamilton and Lanark. There was one special open top bus which older members of VSMA and locals to the Clyde Valley area may remember. This ran between Lanark and Glasgow. Because of the colour scheme, it was named “Sweet Lavender”
    Having just married local girl, Mary Bankier in 1958, Kenny received the call to National Service. The army beckoned and he was duly shipped down to Aldershot where his initial interest in motorsport began. A friendship had developed between Kenny and a Welsh colleague, whose name Kenny couldn’t recall, who was interested in cars and motorsport. It was at that time that Kenny was hooked by motor sport.
    Following his National Service he returned home to Crossford and the business. It was about that time the Mini Cooper arrived on the scene. One such little number was duly purchased from Bill Cleland at the Bogside Garage. Initially a road car, it soon became a racer, and as they say “the rest is history”.
    Family matters involved the arrival of two daughters, Margaret and Grizel. Margaret shared her Dad’s passion for motorsport and became a medical secretary as well as a racer. However, Grizel showed little interest in cars, instead headed for the Law Society.
    Kenny’s involvement in motor sport was primarily in speed events in which he competed in throughout the UK.
    Northern Sports Car Championship
    Various SMRC Championships
    Nottingham Sports Car Championship
    Scottish Speed Champion
    Top 10 British Hill Climb Championship
    Seven times Scottish Hill Climb Champion
    UK Speed Records at M.I.R.A. in a Lynx D Type Jaguar. This with Louise Aitken-Walker
    Seven circuit class records in a Clan Crusader ranging from Siverstone in Northamptonshire to Kirkistown in Ulster
    In 1977 Kenny and John Fyda campaigned their two Clubman cars and in one International race at Zandvoort they secured a one / two victory.

As many will know Kenny, at the ripe young age of 79, is still competing successfully in speed events in his Lotus Elan. He is ever popular and a local hero in the eyes of Scottish Motorsport fans in particular, and has gone on to achieve enormous success over the years. We wish Kenny well for the future so we all Salute ’King Kenny’.”

Here are photographs of Kenny’s past exploits in Motorsport. These were provided by many people who knew Kenny –

Photographs from Jack Davidson

Photographs from Jim Moir

Photographs from Graeme McGregor

Assorted Images

That’s all I can remember about the 2016 reunion.

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  • Entrant                  Partner, Guests

  • Baillie, Bob                               Margaret Baillie
  • Bicket, Tom                              Marion Bicket
  • Bruce, Mid                                BruceVal
  • Cater, Billy
  • Chalmers, Hugh                      Gordon Spiers
  • Colman, Sammy                      Margaret Colman
  • Cooper, George                        Carol Cooper
  • Cooper, Stephen                      Roslyn Cooper
  • Cowan , Andrew                      Linda Cowan
  • Crawford, Willie                      Marne Crawford
  • Crichton, Barry                        Nancy Crichton
  • Crichton, James
  • Cuthbertson, Bill                     Anne Cuthbertson
  • Davidson, Jack
  • Denham, Sandy
  • Doonan, Laurence
  • Dymock, Michael
  • Fisher, Donald
  • Gibbon, Jamie                          Shonah Gibbon
  • Gordon, Donald                       Catriona Gordon
  • Graham, Alex                           Tom Wilson
  • Gunn, Kenneth
  • Harrison, Charlie                    Sheilagh Douglas-Hamilton
  • Hopkins, Brian
  • Hopkins, Marion
  • Houliston, Alex                       Alexandra Houliston
  • House, Derek
  • MacDonald, Donald               Tricia MacDonald
  • Mackay, Tim
  • Mackinnon, Hugh
  • Marwick, Ian                            Wilma Marwick
  • McCaig, Hugh
  • McDougall, Alastair
  • McInnes, Arlene
  • McInnes, Jimmy
  • McIntyre, John
  • McNair, Dave                           Laura McNair
  • McRobbie, Gordon                 Christine McRobbie
  • Moir, Jim                                  Caroline Moir
  • Morrison, Logan                     Val Morrison
  • Morrison, Sandy                     Helen Morrison,   Mary Sword
  • Muir, Alan
  • Parker, Mairi
  • Parker, Stuart
  • Paterson, Adele
  • Paterson, Duncan
  • Paterson, Russell
  • Pearson, Monty                       Colin Aitchison
  • Pettigrew, Jim
  • Richardson, Tom
  • Ross, Olly
  • Smillie, Ian
  • Smillie, Margaret
  • Smith, Pat                                 John Smith
  • Stone, Geoff                              Strathdee, Alex
  • Syer, Johnstone                       Marion Syer
  • Taylor, Bill
  • Thomson, Johnnie                  Jay Thomson
  • Tunnock, Boyd                         Anne Tunnock,   Marilyn Jack
  • Tymkewycz, Andrew
  • Wilson, Hamish                       Kenneth Wilson
  • Laurence Jacobson
  • Young, Charlie                         Netta Young




The following Apologies have been received from non-starters

“Thank you for the note about the dinner and I love the reference to being “over the hill” I don’t think I will  be able to come over for the October affair but I may be able to reschedule the recce for our Ecurie Ecosse event to near that weekend but I also have to be down in Modena around the same time so as you can see I am still climbing the hill and not yet over it !!!!!”
Graham Gauld, Claviers, France

“I regret that I shall not be able to attend the Reunion on October 14th (my birthday!). Have a great party!
Derry Dickson, Sherbourne, Dorset

“Father Bill is unwell at the moment and it doesn’t look as if he will be fit enough to attend the reunion so, I think we’ll decline the offer to attend.”
William Henderson, Falkirk

“My wife has organised a reunion of all her old pals from water skiing in the 70’s at Lochearnhead on the Friday and Saturday the VSMA Reunion weekend.  So please pass on my apologies to all and have a great night.”
Mike How, Edinburgh

“Regretfully I will not be able to attend but please pass on my regards from Vancouver Island  to all. I am sure it will be another very successful evening.”
J Peter Jeffrey, Vancouver Island BC

“I was just about to fill in the entry for the Reunion, but it unfortunately falls on the same weekend as Mull. Maybe the next one !!! “
Jimmy McRae, Lanark

“I shall not be able to come to the Reunion as I will be in Devon on that date. I hope you have a most successful and enjoyable evening.”
Gray Mickel, Newton Mearns

“ I regret that the date clashes with another commitment and I will be unable to attend. I’m really sorry as I thoroughly enjoyed the two I’ve been at meeting up with friends made some fifty plus years ago. Wishing you a great evening.
Charlie Bruce Miller, Cults

“We are unable to join you for the Oct16 reunion due to a clash with a previously arranged event, the 125th Anniversary of the Association of Scottish Master Bakers. All the best for the night and hope to meet up.”
Bill and Eileen Montgomeey, Perth

“Sadly I’m out the Country from the 13th until the 20th of October,
so I will be unable to attend. Maybe next time? Have a wonderful evening. Best wishes to all in attendance“
Innes Muir, Rutherglen

“Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the reunion in October and send my apologies. Best wishes.”
Gordon C Neave, Edinburgh

“This is an event in which I would dearly love to compete, but my lack of mobility and stamina now sadly puts it beyond me. Could I give my best wishes to you, and all the lucky entrants, for what I know will be a cracker of an evening.”
Malcolm Parkin, Kinross

“Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the Reunion as the date clashes with the Mull rally. I no longer compete but this will be my 47th consecutive trip to the island for the rally.”
Chris Paton, Hyndford Bridge, Lanark

“While young at heart and mind the “chassis” lets the side down. I wish all attending members a very pleasant evening. I will be thinking of you.”
Ken Strachan, Ladybank, Cupar

“Sorry – won’t be able to make the Reunion this year as have an after-dinner commitment on that date. I hope BOTH functions go well!”
Stuart Turner, Chipping Norton

“As I will be racing my Formula Junior Cooper at Portimao on the 18th of October I will be unable to attend the reunion. My best wishes to you and all attending what I know will be a splendid evening.”
Malcolm Wishart, Glasgow

“Unfortunately I am sorry to say that my wife and I will be touring South Africa at that time. I hope the event is a great success and I’m sorry we will miss it.”
Mr Alex Young, Fenwick