Reunion 2010

Saturday 23rd October

The Glynhill Hotel was the venue for our fourth Reunion.  However, before the festivities started we had to hold the Association’s Annual General Meeting.  As you would imagine this was as usual, an uneventful event lasting just under 30 minutes.  Then it was a rush to “sign-in” and get on with the real business!  The attendance was down this year, quite why we are not sure but those who did manage along were certainly up for a good night, as you can see from the attached photographs.  Thanks are due to Sandy Morrison for supplying the bulk of the photographs taken on the night (but not one of himself), and also to Pat Smith and Mairi Parker who made up the rest. Just over 100 members and guests started and I think they all finished in one piece! We did have a good number of apologies from members who were unable to attend. Unfortunately, at the last minute Wendy Jones, John and Mary Sword were unable to be present.
Three well kent members from the not-too-distant motorsport past had been invited as our guests. Each of these gentlemen was to keep us interested and amused during and after the meal.

The oldest of these, from a motorsport perspective, was Ian Scot-Watson who had launched Jim Clark on his career in the 1950s. Ian was the co-founder of the Border and Scottish Motor Racing Club, Team Manager of the Border Reivers. In addition, he was the designer of the Ingliston Racing Circuit and co-founder of Scotcircuits Ltd.

The second was Mike Wood, a well-known rally co-driver during the late 1950s right through to the late 1990s! He had competed in at least over 100 International Rallies and was involved in numerous outright wins! His last event was in 1998 when as a co-driver to Tony Fall he won the Mini Monte Rally outright!

Finally, John Cleland represented the more recent racing fraternity.  Apart from a short spell at Rallying in 1976 in which he knocked down lots of trees, John has had a fantastic career in racing.  He had competed in eleven Bathurst 100kms races in Australia and has been both the BTCC Champion and the Thunderstorm Champion TWICE!

“Signing-On” and Reception.

At Signing-on, a name badge and a Programme had been given to everyone.     During the Reception, members had the opportunity to browse the many old photographs that Jim Moir and Bill Henderson had supplied for the occasion.  Bill was unable to be present,  having to have a surgical  procedure performed the following morning.         However, I am delighted to report that Bill has made a good recovery and getting 
   back to normal. Also on display was a  signed copy of a book donated by our Honorary President Sir Jackie Stewart.  A copy of the limited edition “Collage”. 
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This was a truly magnificent leather-bound book detailing Jackie’s incredible motor racing career told through the archive of the Stewart family which his wife Helen had faithfully kept. It included many items of memorabilia collected over the 10 years of his life in Formula 1.

  Dinner and Presentation

During an excellent meal, between courses, Jimmy McInnes once again did his microphone interviews with many of our members.  This was accompanied by images of the members and/or their car being displayed on two large screens Ian Scott-Watson revealed some interesting and less well-known facts about Jim Clark’s motoring exploits from his early days competing in Club rallies right up to his famous F1 career.  Then it was Mike Wood’s turn to entertain us with his very many exploits as a co-driver for some very famous drivers. Towards the end of the meal, Mike How and Sandy Denholm took over from Jimmy to interview John  Cleland.  To say this was hilarious would be an understatement –   everyone was in stitches with John’s exploits!
At the end of the evening Jackie Stewart’s “Collage” was duly raffled which produced a grand total of£600.  This was later delivered to Dyslexia Scotland.  An excellent effort – and thanks to all who contributed.  The lucky winner was Stan Hutchison’s wife Inez.
And so ended another enjoyable Reunion.  When and where will the next one be?
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Extracts from the official printed Programme which was again compiled by Alan Carlaw.

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List of Starters

   Entrant                      Location                         Partner/Guest
                                              Class 1, Pre-1958
Tom  Bicket                          Symington, Ayrshire                    Marion Bicket
Bob  Callander                     Larbert, Falkirk
Alan  Carlaw                         Newton Mearns, Glasgow
Audrey  Carlaw                    Newton Mearns, Glasgow
Andrew  Cowan                   Hutton, Berwick-upon-Tweed       Linda Cowan
Derry  Dickson                     Sherborne, Dorset                        Carol Dickson
Wendy  Jones                       Edinburgh
Margaret  Lowrey                Winslow, Bucks.
Arlene  McInnes                  Monkton, Ayrshire
Jimmy  McInnes                 Monkton, Ayrshire
John  McIntyre                    Falkirk
Sandy  Morrison                  Stirling                                           Helen Morrison
Mairi  Parker                        Larkhall, Lanarkshire
Stuart  Parker                       Larkhall, Lanarkshire
Duncan  Paterson                Newton Mearns, Glasgow
Ian  Scott-Watson               Greenlaw, Berwickshire
John  Sword                         Dullatur, Glasgow                         Mary Sword
Johnstone  Syer                   Rosyth, Fife                                    Marion Syer
Boyd  Tunnock                     Bothwell, Lanarkshire                 Anne Tunnock
Hamish  Wilson                   Hamilton, Lanarkshire
Mike  Wood                          Clitheroe, Lancs.                           Eileen Dyson
                                             Class 2, 1959-1967
Barrie  Anderson                 Miltmber, Aberdeen                     Jane Anderson
Bob  Baillie                           Mauchline, Ayrshire                     Margaret Baillie
Graham  Birrell                   Glasgow                                           Yetta Holland
Mid  Bruce                           Annbank, Ayrshire                        Val Bruce
Willie  Crawford                 Lasswade, Lothian                         Marnie Crawford
Barry  Crichton                   Cumbernauld, Glasgow                Nancy Crichton
Bill  Cuthbertson                Troon, Ayrshire                              Anne Cuthbertson
Ian  Gemmell                      Mauchline, Ayrshire                      Louise Gemmell
Stan  Hutchison                  Lenzie, Glasgow                             Inez hutchison
Bruce  Lyle                           West Kilbride, Ayrshire                Jan Lyle
Alan  Muir                            Cathcart, Glasgow                         Graham Hamilton
Malcolm  Noble                   Mauchline, Ayrshire                     Anne Noble
Adele  Paterson                   Newton Mearns, Glasgow
Bill  Reid                               Glasgow                                           Hazel Reid
Grainger Robertson            Paisley, Renfrewshire                   Carole Robertson
David  Robertson                Paisley, Renfrewshire                    Helen Robertson
Olly  Ross                              Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire.   Stuart Massie
Jimmy  Sime                        Paisley, Renfrewshire                    Jay Sime
Tom  Sleigh                          Wishaw, Lanarkshire                    Barbara Sleigh
Ian  Smillie                           Milngavie, Glasgow                       Margaret Smillie
Pat  Smith                             Elgin, Morayshire                          John Smith
Malcolm  Wishart                Newlands, Glasgow
Alexander  Young                Fenwick, Ayrshire
Charlie  Young                     Strathaven, Lanarkshire              Netta Young
                                           Class 3, 1968-1977
Fraser  Anderson                 Milngavie, Glasgow
John  Cleland                       Melrose, Roxburghshire
James  Crichton                   Newton Mearns, Glasgow
Jack  Davidson                     Kingswell, Aberdeen
Sandy  Denham                    Edinburgh
Michael  Dymock                 Newton Mearns, Glasgow
David  Fotheringham         Lanark                                            Susan Gould
Alex  Houliston                    Barrhead, Glasgow
Mike  How                            Edinburgh
Hugh  Mackinnon               Houston, Renfrewshire
James  Moir                          Edinburgh                                     Caroline Moir
Geoff  Stone                          Diseworth, Derbyshire
Johnnie                                 Thomson, Hamilton                      Jay Thomson
                                          Class 4, 1978-1985
Glen Mortimer                     Edinburgh
Alastair Muir                        Houston, Renfrewshire
Jim  Pettigrew                      Netherlee, Glasgow
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Jimmy McInnes’s presentation

The photographs below are with the courtesy of both Bill Henderson and Jim Moir
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 Apologies received from non-starters

Kenny Allen, Crossford, South Lanarkshire
“I shall be in the south of France during the week of the Reunion!”
Neil G F Barrington,  Langbank, Port Glasgow
“I shall, unfortunately, be abroad again during this period.  Hope all goes well for the event.”
Ian Bennie, Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire
“As I am beginning to feel that age is becoming a bit of a problem I wish to submit my apology for non-attendance at the AGM and the Reunion.  I hope that you all have a very enjoyable evening.   Best Wishes to all.”
Sam Colman, Overton by Wishaw, North Lanarkshire
“I got a replacement knee on 1st March and it’s not behaving itself – I am now waiting for word to get the other one done but no word yet!  Whether or not we’ll be at the Reunion I just don’t know, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. Hope its a success anyway.”
Alex Graham,  Lanark
“Due to a prior engagement, I will be unable to attend the Reunion or the AGM.  Hope all goes well and I look forward to the next one!”
Bill Henderson, Falkirk
“Unfortunately neither I nor William can attend…….. I am sure the event will be a great success and I will miss seeing the many friends I have made through motorsport.”
David Hockey, Perth
“Sorry, thought that I might have made it this year but circumstances are against me, AGAIN !! Please accept my apologies and I wish you all another great night.”
Marilyn Jack, Bothwell, South Lanarkshire
“Once again my apologies for the reunion. I will be at a Soroptimist Conference in Manchester.  I am sure it is shaping up to be another good night.”
Andrew Jeffrey, Torphichen, West Lothian
“Sorry I cannot be with you all at the Reunion, hopefully, next year.”
Tom Legget, Kilwinning, Ayrshire
“Sorry I will not be joining you as age is taking its toll and regrettably curtailing my lifestyle.   Have a boisterous evening.  With best wishes.”
Charlie Bruce Miller, Cults, Aberdeen
“I am sorry, but I will not be able to attend the Reunion because it coincides with the 40th birthday of our youngest daughter which is a very special occasion.  I thoroughly enjoyed the last two Reunions and wish you all the best on the 23rd.  A great job keeping all the oldtimers in touch. Many thanks.”
Stella Morgan, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire
“I’m having a wee birthday party on the 23rd October, so give my apologies, but won’t make it to the reunion.”

Logan Morrison,  Stirling
“Unfortunately I will be down under in Australia at the time of the Reunion.”
Innes Muir,  Burnside, Glasgow
“Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the Reunion.  Have a wonderful evening.  Cheers.”
Malcolm Parkin, Kinross
“With regret, I am not going to be able to attend the reunion.  My health is now not reliable enough for me to be able to make forward commitments. My best wishes to you all.”
Ron Smith, Cupar, Fife
“We are now in France and although we will both be back in Scotland by the 23rd, and we will have French guests with us for a weekend hunting!  Please accept my apologies  –  I hope you have a super time and look forward to the next one –  no matter how far ahead!”
Douglas Steedman, Bothwell, South Lanarkshire
“I regret that I will be unable to attend.  Please give my apologies to the meeting and I hope the evening will be as successful as previously”
Kenneth Strachan, Ladybank, Fife
“Please accept my apologies of absence from both the Reunion and the AGM.  I wish those that do manage a very pleasant evening.”
Andrew Bruce, The Earl of Elgin & Kincardine
“It is with very great regret that I must decline the invitation for the 23rd of October.  I have been told by my medical advisers that I must lie low for a bit.  All good wishes to you all.”
Bill Thomson, Peebles
“I will not be available to attend either the AGM or the Reunion on the 23rd October.  Best wishes for a successful and enjoyable gathering.”
Roger Turnbull, Berwick-upon-Tweed
“Sorry can’t make the reunion this time.”
Andy Watson, Glasgow
“I will not be able to attend the Reunion. I will be away on business the weekend of 23rd. Apologies to all”
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