Tour – 2016 Spring Run

25th to 28th April

“A few of the early runners at the start from Dunbar Garden Centre off the A1.” ……………Photograph the courtesy of Margaret Smillie

As a change, Bob Baillie for the first time had organised a route to take us into England.  Our headquarters were based at the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, a lovely Hotel right in the middle of Alnwick.

The start was from the Dunbar Garden Centre and from there we had a leisurely run, winding our way down, on-and-off the A1, to reach the Hotel for Dinner.  There were 32 entrants in all, in the 15 cars taking part. As you would expect there was a very mixed selection of vehicles taking part.

Here are a few images of the Hotel taken over the three days we were there. That evening we had dinner in the hotel restaurant where the food and the atmosphere was good. The dining room was quite something, having wood panelling throughout. The timber apparently was the same as used in the Titanic.

Saturday –

On Saturday we left early to travel north to the Holy Isle to visit Lindisfarne. The weather there was fine but very windy and cold!

Following this visit we headed inland, to Andrew Cowan’s home at Broadmeadows. There Linda had provided us with a light lunch in the barn where Andrew kept his collection of Rally cars and memorabilia.

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Following this it was a run back to Alnwick where some of us took time to take a look at the shops there!  The others had a rest prior to having dinner.   Due to the fact that the Hotel had been pre-booked for a wedding we had to travel north again to a restaurant at the Barn on the Beal.  This turned out to be very good. Bob had asked Andrew and Linda to be our guests in return for allowing us to view his marvellous collection.

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Sunday –

A not too early departure this time, we took the road north again to Bamburgh Castle, which lay on the coast, just of Lindisfarne.  Again the weather was fine but very cold.

Before heading back to the Swan Hotel we visited a farm/come cafe/come scrap vehicle yard, which was, despite my description, very interesting. Then it was back to the hotel for dinner.

Monday –

Most of us departed for home just after breakfast.  Congratulations are due to Bob Baillie and Mid Bruce for again laying on a wonderful weekend.
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Stuart Parker

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Stuart Parker


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