Newsletter, June 2018

Welcome to our first real Newsletter since May 2015  when the old VSMA website “went down”.  It has taken all this time to get the site a new home while at the same time, trying to resurrect all the data, not just from the old site, but from my own huge collection of images and data sent in by members.  This has been an enormous task and not yet complete as there are quite a few images and members details missing.  So, if you find any errors or omissions, please let me know and I will do my best to rectify the problem.  Similarly, if you have any old images you feel should be included on the site please send them to me.

You will soon notice there are quite a few changes on “how to navigate” the site compared to the previous site.  Can I suggest, once you have logged in to the members’ area, you go to the “How to use this Site”where hopefully “all will be revealed”?  You will find a few differences from the old site – just persevere. I would be very grateful if you have any difficulty navigating the site, where it is not obvious, please you let me know, and I will try to clarify the instructions for other users.

Please look at your own “Profile” – let me know of any amendments are required or a complete update would be better, print out this Career Data  and send it to me – I will do the necessary.  Also, images would be vey welcome.

I’m sure you will notice that a number of our members (75 in all) have an unusual email address, such as This is because, either they don’t have an email address or they havn’t let me know if it has been changed.  Hopefully, this number will be reduced in due course.

Recently I received an email from Jack Davidson who gave me an interesting tale about fellow member Andrew Jeffrey. While Jack had had a meeting with Andrew’s son Alex, to buy a new Toyota from the showroom he worked, Alex had observed the VSMA badge on Jack’s car and commented that his father Andrew was also a member of VSMA.  Getting back home,  Jack trawled through his extensive negatives and found a mono image of Andrew in his Formula Atlantic at the Ingliston Circuit, had it printed. He presented it to Alex who kindly purchased the image, had it enlarged, framed, and presented the package to father Andrew on his birthday. A nice story.  The photo below shows Andrew with the framed picture