Newsletter June, 2016

Dear Fellow Veterans,

I thought I should let you know that there has been a little progress on the website front.  Don’t check it just yet as apparently still a lot of work to do on it.  The gentleman who was looking after the technical side of things has been unwell for some considerable time – hence the delay.  I will certainly let everyone know when the site is up and running again.

In the meantime, just a little news.  The Run we had down into Northumberland was very successful.  Our base was in Alnwick and from there we visited several historic sites as well as Andrew Cowan’s marvellous collection of rally cars.  These included most of his personal rally cars but also many of the World Rally cars when he was Competition manager of Mitsubishi.  All were in immaculate condition.  Linda, Andrew’s wife provided a light lunch for everyone – most enjoyable.

I recently received an email from member Eric Dymock requesting that I publicise his most recent blogs, one of which contains information on the late Alistair Ford.  Those of our members from the immediate post-war years will remember Alistair as a motoring correspondent – he was often to be seen in the back seat of various competition cars during events where he claimed to get the best info for his articles.   I’m sure everyone will enjoy Eric’s piece on Alistair.  Another piece on Stuart Turner’s latest book – which is not about motorsport but interesting none-the-less.  Both of these blogs can be found at and at

Finally, a remarkable video clip I received from Bill Barr which I’m sure will amaze you.  One lucky trucker


Yours aye

Stuart Parker

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