Newsletter, December, 2019

Newsletter, December 2019

Can I refer you to Andrew Cowan’s page within the Past Veterans section of the site.  The following obituary appeared in the Glasgow Herald on 30th October. and gives an excellent summary of Andrew’s life and motorsport career

Annual General Meeting – 6th December

As usual this was held in Boyd Tunnock’s establishment in Uddingston which commenced with a buffet supplied by Boyd including of course, pies, teacakes and Carmel wafers!   The turnout was up slightly at 18 members and partners.

Chairman Jimmy McInnes welcomed everyone with the announcement that he was retiring as Chairman of VSMA.  Jimmy had been Chairman since the beginning of the association in 2001.  Following the reports from Chairman Jimmy, Secretary Stuart Parker and Treasurer Bob Baillie. The meeting went on to elect the new Executive Board which was as follows:

Chairman  –  Bob Baillie

Vice-Chairman  –   Barry Crichton

 Secretary  –   Stuart Parker

Treasurer   –   Bob Baillie

Bob Baillie then took the chair and immediately thanked Jimmy McInnes for all his work and leadership over the formative. years of the association. He then proposed that Jimmy be made an Honorary Vice-President which was adopted unanimously.

Mid Bruce and Donald Gordon having stepped down from the Board saw the election of the following five members:

Ian Smillie, Jack Davidson, Duncan Paterson, Mike How and Chris Paton

they will join Hugh MacKinnon, Adele Patterson and Charlie Young who had remained as Ordinary Board members under Art 33 of the Articles of the Association.

Thereafter there was a general discussion of topics such as Reunions before the meeting closed after about 40 minutes!

Death of Member:

I am sad to inform you of the following deaths:

Betty Craig had died in 2017

Tom Prestly, Hamilton, in December 2017

Andrew Tymkewycz, Heriot, died 2018

Guenda Young, Islay, died on 15th October 2019

Angus Pattison, Glasgow, died 23rd October, 2019

Rob McKinna, West Linton, died November 2019

Andrew Cowan, Berwick-on-Tweed, died 15th October 2019

As you know the death of Andrew Cowan, our first Vice-Presidents, was felt by everyone in VSMA.  He had been a true supporter of our organisation in many ways and will certainly be missed.

There will be a Memorial service to Andrew in Duns on Saturday 1st February, 2020 at 1pm.

Here is the official notice of this important event, click below to open this notice:


New Member:

I am delighted to welcome the following to membership of the Association.  Their details can be found on clicking their name in the Members List on the website:

Darren Banks, Anstruther

Bob Shearer, Perth

Robert Kelly, Malinger, Bucks.

Member’s contact changes and New Email addresses:

Alan Muir  –  has a new address and telephone number

Tony Fleming  –

George Gibson  –

John McIntyre

Pat Hilley  –

Donald Heggie  –

Chris Edwards  –

Some more website Updates:

Ian McRae  –  updated Motor Sport history

Ronnie Martin – data update

Pete Weall upgraded his recent activities

Chris Edwards has moved to Kinross

7th V.S.M.A. Reunion 2019: 

A full report with photographs has been published on the website!   Click here  to view it now.  It turned out to be a very successful and enjoyable event – and we made a small surplus of just over £100.

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At the Golf Club……….

Ladies Captain, Mrs May, has resigned from her Golf Club, and is returning her locker key, when Mr Barnier, the Membership Secretary, sees her.

“Hello, Mrs May,” says a cheerful Mr Barnier. “I’m so sorry to hear you are no longer renewing your club membership. Please come to my office, and we can settle your account.”

“I have paid my bar bill,” says Mrs May.

“Ah yes Mrs May,” says Mr Barnier, “but there are other matters to be settled.”

In Mr Barnier’s office, Mrs May repeats that she has settled her bar bill, so wonders what else she can possibly owe the Golf Club.

“Well, Mrs May,” begins Mr Barnier, “you did agree to buy one of our new Club jackets?”

“Yes,” says Mrs May “I did agree to buy a jacket but I haven’t received it yet. As soon as you supply the jacket I will send you a cheque for the full amount.”

“That will not be possible” explains Mr Barnier. “As you are no longer a club member you will not be entitled to wear one of our jackets.”

“But you still want me to pay for it?” exclaims Mrs May.

“Yes,” says Mr Barnier, “That will be £500 for the jacket, as it has already been ordered in your size.  There is also your bar bill.”

“But I’ve already settled my bar bill,” says Mrs May.  “I told you that.”

“Indeed,” says Mr Barnier, “but as you can appreciate, we need to place our orders with the liquor suppliers in advance, to ensure our bar is properly stocked, and you regularly used to spend at least £50 a week in the bar, so we have placed orders accordingly for the coming year. You therefore owe us £2500 for that.”

“Will you still allow me to have those drinks?” asks Mrs May.

“Certainly not Mrs May,” says Mr Barnier. You are no longer a club member!”

“Next is your restaurant bill” continues Mr Barnier. “In the same manner, we have to make arrangements in advance with our catering suppliers. Your average restaurant bill was in the order of £300 a month, so we require payment of £3,600 for the next year.”

“I don’t suppose you’ll be letting me have those meals either,” says Mrs May.

“No, of course not,” says a clearly irritated Mr Barnier. “You are no longer a club member!”

Mr Barnier continues.  “Then there are the repairs to the clubhouse roof.” 

“Clubhouse roof!” exclaims Mrs May, “What has that got to do with me?”

“Well it still needs to be repaired, and the damage occurred while you were a member, and the builders are coming in next week.  Your share of the bill is £2000.”

“I see,” says Mrs May. “Is there anything else?”

“Now you mention it” says Mr Barnier, “there is Fred the barman’s pension. We would like you to pay £5 a week towards Fred’s pension when he retires next month.  He’s not well you know, so I doubt we’ll need to ask you for payment for more than about five years, so £1300 should do it. That brings your total bill to £10,000″ says Mr Barnier.

“Let me get this straight,” says Mrs May. “You want me to pay £500 for a jacket you won’t let me have, £2600 for beverages you won’t let me drink, and £3600 for food you won’t let me eat, all under a roof where I won’t be allowed to sit, while not being served by a man who is going to retire next month on a pension paid for by me?”

“Yes, it’s all perfectly clear and quite reasonable,” says Mr Barnier.  “And could I just say what a remarkable grasp of the situation you have!”

But Mr Barnier continues.  “And of course, as you were Ladies Captain, I think it would be appropriate for the members to hold a small dinner to mark your excellent and generous period of membership. There will only be 27 of them, so the bill shouldn’t be more than £4,000 or so. We can forward it to you after the event.

So I don’t get to attend that dinner myself?” asks Mrs May.

”Well of course not” says Mr Barnier. “How could you? You are not a member!”

Now we understand Brexit!

©Malcolm Parkin 2019

Advice from an Expert  –   Bill Barr

Why men shouldn’t write advice columns

Dear John,

I hope you can help me. The other day, I set off for work, leaving my husband in the house watching TV.  My car stalled, and then it broke down about a mile down the road, and I had to walk back to get my husband’s help. When I got home, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was in our bedroom with the neighbour’s daughter!

I am 32, my husband is 34 and the neighbour’s daughter is 19.  We have been married for 10 years. When I confronted him, he broke down and admitted they had been having an affair for the past six months. He won’t go to counselling, and I’m afraid I am a wreck and need advice urgently. Can you help please?

Sincerely, Sheila.

Dear Sheila,.

A car stalling after being driven short distance can be caused by a variety of faults with the engine Start by checkin that there is no debris in the fuel line. If it is clear, check the vacuum pipes and hoses on the intake manifold and also check all grounding wires. If none of these approaches solves the problem, it could be that the fuel-pump itself is faulty, causing low delivery pressure to the injectors;

I hope this helps,


That’s all folks………………. !

Stuart Parker, December 2019                                                                      Back to top

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