Newsletter September, 2009

Enclosed you will find Notice of our AGM which will be held on Tuesday 6th October in the Dakota Euro Central Ltd, which is a hotel located just off the A8/M8 between Glasgow and Newhouse. It is due to start at 7.0 pm but coffee/tea will be served from 6.45 pm. I have also enclosed an extract from the accounts provided by our accountant, plus forms of Nomination to the Board.
I do hope you will come along to the AGM. You can then air your views and give your suggestions and any complaints to your Directors!

Death of a Member – I have just heard that Bobby Parkes of Bolton-le-Sands died on 15th July 2009.  Bobby was a keen Rally competitor although he did do some racing and autotests. In Rallying he seems to have tackled everything, from events such the Monte Carlo, the Alpine Rally, the Tulip Rally and numerous Circuits of Ireland, gathering numerous Class Awards along the way. He had even competed as far afield as Czechoslovakia in the 1991 International Vltava Rally where he finished 1st in Class.  In the 1959 Monte Carlo Rally, he was presented with the R.S.A.C. Cup for the best Glasgow starter.  In fact, he was 8th overall and Class winner in that event and was part of the Jaguar Team who won the Manufactures Team prize. Nearer home he will be certainly remembered by our rally enthusiasts as he was a regular supporter of Scottish events, National as well as International. From the mid-fifties right through to the late sixties, he was to be seen in almost every Scottish Rally where he won many class awards, as well as in lesser events such as 55 Car Club’s Grouse Rally and the Tour of Mull.  I got to know him during the Scottish Rallies and the Circuits of Ireland. Not only was he a keen competitor but he was a really friendly and affable man. He will be missed by many who knew him.

EMAIL ADDRESSES (again)- If you have received this Newsletter my mail, it is either because you don’t have an email address or I have the wrong one on file for you. Either you have changed your email address and not let me know OR there has been some problem with your email service provider OR perhaps you haven’t looked at your emails for some time and your “mailbox” is overfull and won’t accept any more mail OR you have been unable to download the “attachments”!! Either way, could you send me an email to confirm your present email address. It is so much easier and costs virtually nothing compared with the postal service.

If you have now only just joined the electronic age and have an email address could you please let me have a note of it, by just sending me an email, in order that I can send any communications electronically in future.

That’s all for now.

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