Newsletter June, 2006

This Newsletter will duplicate some of the information I emailed in March to those who had given me their email address. However, this is to keep everyone up to date on what’s been happening since our last reunion in April 2005 and give you some information on future plans.
At the time of the Reunion, it was agreed to formalise the “Association” and invite others to form a Committee along with Alan Carlaw, Jimmy McInnes and myself. As a result, we were delighted to welcome on board: Adele Paterson, Newton Mearns, Bob Baillie, Mauchline, Bill Dryden, Aberlady and Andy Watson, Glasgow. All of these people have been, and some still are, fairly representative of the Motorsport fraternity of Scotland.  At our first Board Meeting, the following positions were confirmed:-

Chairman: Mr James W. McInnes
Vice-Chairman: Mr Robert Baillie
Secretary: Dr Stuart S.I. Parker
Treasurer: Mr Alan B. Carlaw
Ordinary Board Members: Mr William N.A. Dryden, Mrs Adele Paterson and Mr Andrew E. Watson

Since the Reunion, we have had a couple of meetings to decide the future of the Association. Everyone was very enthusiastic and full of ideas! One of the first things we discussed was the format and purpose of the Association. For legal and financial reasons we felt we should become a private limited company. This entailed drawing up proper Articles and Memorandum of Association, in which rules for membership and the purpose of the Association, etc., were outlined. It was agreed that membership of the Association would be open to anyone “…who had an active involvement with any branch of Motorsport held in Scotland 25 years prior to the current year. This would include competitors, organisers, officials and those involved in vehicle maintenance”. Our purpose would be “To organise events of a Reunion nature on a regular basis. To keep a database of members which would detail the nature of their Motorsport involvement”. After several letters to Company House, Edinburgh, I am delighted to inform you that we are now an incorporated Private Limited Company (No.302075) known as the “VETERANS OF SCOTTISH MOTORSPORT ASSOCIATION”, a Company limited by Guarantee.

We decided that the Association would be non-profit making. However, to allow it to function and flourish, a one-off Registration fee of £20 would be levied on those wishing to become members (Subscribers) of the Company. It was felt that this fee would be enough to cover the future costs of administration, meetings, etc. To this end, I have enclosed a Registration Forms which should be returned along with the fee to Treasurer Alan Carlaw who will send you confirmation of membership. In due course, an official membership card will be sent to you.

What will you get from this “Life Membership” of the Association? Well, you would be guaranteed participation in future reunions as well as other related Motorsport events which we hope to negotiate. It was suggested that we have the next reunion later this year but it was decided that this was too soon. It was therefore agreed that the next one would be held in 2007. This will take place on Saturday 6th October 2007 in the Glynhill Hotel, Paisley – details later but put the date in your diary.

The first of these “other” events will be the first Scottish Classic Speedfair which is being held on Sunday 23 July, 2006 at Knockhill from 10 am to 5 pm. It promises to be a very exciting and enjoyable day. Stuart Gray of Knockhill informed us that apart from various cavalcades, displays, rally sprints, etc., there would be about 3 hours of racing interspersed throughout the day. In addition, there should be some VERY exotic cars on display!! From what he said there should be something for everyone – from “Grandpa to the kids”. Most Clubs will be represented but we have been given the use of part of the Media Centre as a meeting venue for our members! You will be able to use this as a meeting place, put your feet up, and maybe have a cup of something! We have also been given 200 free Parking Passes which will allow access to the parking area behind the paddock. From there it is only a short walk to all the action and the Media Centre. Ordinary punters will only be able to park away from Knockhill and use the ‘Park and Ride’ which Knockhill is laying on. Not only that, our members will be able to gain entry to the event at a concessionary price of £8 (normally £15) to be paid at the gate. Application for these car Passes should be made to Alan Carlaw on the enclosed Form. Please note that only one pass will be issued per member.

It is hoped that this will be the first of many such events, but further details of the event can be had from Gemma Baird, Event Co-ordinator at the Knockhill Racing Circuit. Tel:01383-723-337 or Fax:01383-620-167 or Email: or visit for the latest news of the event.

Finally, a bit of a plea. We have over 500 people on our database but only 120 have given an email address. I’m sure there must be a lot more have (or have access to) email addresses. It would certainly make things so much easier if I could send/receive information by email. If you are on email why don’t you just email me and I will get your exact email address that way.

Yours Sincerely,

Stuart Parker

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