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Members’ News
The changes below can all be found in the Members and Details section.  Email address are now available for;  Ken Strachan, Bob Callander, John Melvin, Brian Harrison and Hugh Greenshields.
New Email addresses for the following members: Bob Bisset, Gus Pattison and Ian Stewart

John Melvin’s photos:

1958, at the finish of the 1958 International Monte Carlo Rally, Gordon Mowatt, Bob Haddow and John Melvin.
1961 Famous faces from the Scottish Racing and Rallying fraternity being dined at John Milne’s, from left to Right Jimmy Stewart, Graham Gauld, Iain Fraser, Nick Cuthbert, Bill Sheppard, Boyd Tunnock, Jim Clark, Ian Scott-Watson, John Milne, Nigel Gibb, Jackie Stewart, Tom Sleigh and John Melvin.

Here are a couple of images John Melvin recently sent in for the website.  Have a look at “John’s page” to see more – they will certainly bring back memories to a few of our older members.

News from Canada:

A recent shot of Peter Jeffrey still competing until recently, in British Columbia.

For the past few years, Peter Jeffrey has been racing his 1961 Triumph TR3B in Historic races in BC and Washington.  However, last year, when he reached his 70th birthday he finally retired from active motorsport – as he thought the car was getting a bit too old for it all!   He did say that he had had a great run for his money.

An Email request from member David Ross:

David had received a plea from his friend Ian Harper in Aberdeen who is rebuilding a Porsche 911 and is keen to gather as much information on the car as possible.  Here are the basic facts – the car was delivered to Unity Motors, Edinburgh in November 1965 to order from a Mr Usher (reg no supplied by him!?).  It was amongst the first 911s into the UK and the only blue one that year.  He has the chassis/engine numbers and he thinks that it suffered accident damage between ’66 and’75. If anyone in the Edinburgh area can give Ian a lead to further info on its early life he would be so grateful.  Ian can be contacted at by email at

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The 2013 Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique – Saturday, 26th January

Car 200, Tommy Bryce with his 1928 Citröen, Tommy had competed in the 1954 Monte in a Riley 2.5 ( Photograph courtesy of Bill Barr )This was the third year that the Caledonian Classic & Historic Motorsport Club (CC&HMCC) had organised the start for this event.  The main event was the Classic Monte Carlo Rally which would take competitors all the way to Monte Carlo, while the bulk of the others followed on in the Heritage Rally which was being run for CC&MCC members only.  According to the Glasgow Herald, there were more than 15,000 brave souls who turned up on a cold Saturday morning to wave the competitors off!   Tommy Bryce, of Viewpark Uddingston, had competed in the Monte back in 1954 when he was the mechanic in a Riley 2.5 litre along with his boss Herbert Feldman and the garage owner Joe Strang.  This time he was given the honour of leading the cars from Buchanan street down to the start in his own 1928 Citroen B14G. This year’s start was from Glasgow Green, the cars having been on display earlier in Buchanan Street, Glasgow. Among the other city, starting points were Barcelona and Copenhagen.

Eight of the Glasgow Historique Entries  

Over 100 classic cars were at the Glasgow start, however only ten were leaving for Monte Carlo, the remainder were going on a Heritage Run, some to Luss, some to Dumfries and a few to Yorkshire.

Some of the other Heritage Entries  

There were a few members from VSMA present including Tom Bicket and Donald Gordon, who were seen leaving on the Heritage run.  We are indebted to member Bill Barr who was at the start and took all the photographs.

AGM Sunday, 2nd December 2012:

This was our 6th AGM since the conception of V.S.M.A. in 2001.   Boyd Tunnock kindly allowed the use of his factory premises in Uddingston to hold the event.  Thirteen members were present, twenty others have sent in their apologies and proxies.  Before business commenced Boyd had laid on a delightful spread which included, as you might have expected, lots of Tunnocks’ goodies PLUS a huge tray of their Scotch pies which rapidly disappeared.  Chairman Jimmy McInnes was, unfortunately, unable to attend so Vice-Chairman Bob Baillie took charge.  There was nothing really of note to report from the meeting.  The following were elected to the Board unopposed:  Chairman – Jimmy McInnes, Vice-Chairman – Bob Baillie (also elected as Treasures), Secretary – Stuart Parker and Ordinary Board Members – Mike How, Adele Paterson and Charlie Young.  The latter three joined Kenny Allen, Hugh MacKinnon and Duncan Paterson who remained from the previous Board.  Bob Baillie gave a brief outline of the forthcoming Spring Run, and it was announced that there would be a Reunion to be held in the autumn of 2014, otherwise, there was little of note to report. The business was speedily concluded by Bob Baillie with thanks to Boyd Tunnock for his kindness in providing the venue for the meeting plus the excellent refreshments.

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Spring Run, 3rd to 5th May 2013:

The Mercury Barony Cadtle Hotel, Eddleston
The Hotel seen from the pond.

Bob Baillie’s Spring Run will soon be upon us.  If it’s anything like previous years’ there will be lots of interesting places to see, and lots of time to enjoy good food and companionship. The headquarters this year will be in the Barony Castle Hotel in Eddleston near Peebles.  For those of you who haven’t been there before, the two images above will give you some idea at least of what the place looks like. Click on Bob’s letter, Event Regulations, Entry Form and Hotel Booking Form to see what’s on offer. This download is in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat ReaderTM in order to view these files.  If you do not have one, you can download the software from the Adobe website, free.   However, if you are having problems printing out any of these files please get in touch with me and I will send you “hard copies”.  Although it is a couple of months before Entries must have been submitted, I would suggest you get your Entry and Hotel Booking Forms off to Bob as soon as possible!

Past Veterans:
You may or may not have noticed that when a member has died their names are no longer to be found on the “Members and their details” section.  Information on these members, where available, can now be found in the “Past Veterans” section.

That’s all folks………………. !                                             

Stuart Parker, February 2013

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