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Your membership of the VSMA has lapsed. Please use the membership section if you wish your membership to continue.

This site is primarily for Members of The Veterans of the Scottish Motorsport Association, but please do have a look at our History, the Scottish Motorsport Clubs and the Photographic Gallery.  These should give you a brief glimpse of Scottish Motor Sport over the past seventy years.  Click on an image to enlarge it to full size.  Enjoy! If you think you may be eligible for membership of our Association, CLICK HERE.  But only members can fully enter the site by clicking the login above.

One of our main activities are Reunions which are held every few years when members have a chance to renew old acquaintances and adversaries.

Our Reunions are always most enjoyable evenings.  If you think you are eligible, why not come along to the next Reunion?  Details of eligibility and Entry details can be found in the Membership Section.