“How’s this for coincidence?” . . . . . . by Charlie Young

Many years ago, very early seventies, I was spectating at a stage start somewhere in Fife.  I believe it would be a Saltire Rally as organised by St. Andrews and District CC.
A Mini Cooper “S” arrived at the stage start and duly “conked out” stubbornly refusing to restart.  Much fettling about under the bonnet finally saw the distributor cap being removed, revealing that the small fabric washer in the points set up was either sheared through or missing altogether.  Thus the car would go no further!!!
What did I have in the right hand pocket of my new shiny red “Burmah” jacket but said fabric washer.  To say the crew were delighted was putting it lightly.  New washer fitted the car fired up and away they went.
They probably did tell me their names, but I do not recall them or indeed the car number or actual stage.  If the crew are members of the VSMA, they may read this short story and recall that day in Fife, and perhaps respond to memory of mine.
Charlie Young

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