Gerry Birrell

Gerry Birrell Memorial – an update by Mike Mitchell.

It has been some time since I sent an update, indeed last year, so let me start by wishing you all a very belated Happy and Healthy New Year!

At last the stone and plinth have arrived at the mason’s yard, cut to size and polished. The engraving remains to be done but this is only two to three days work. During this week I have spoken to the mason, the builder who will be laying the foundations and the Mayor of Orival to arrange a meeting with them all at Les Six Freres to agree the exact location of the stone, I hope this will happen in the second week of March.

There was some mention of people coming to France in June to celebrate Gerry’s life and to Christen the memorial. Can I ask if these thoughts are turning into arrangements and, if so, who is organising it and how many are likely to be coming? I don’t know Rouen so if the trip is ‘on’ I will ask the Mayor for guidance on where to stay, to eat etc when I see him in March.

This is a seminal moment for me, the first tangible result of two years work and at last the certainty that this memorial is no longer a pipe dream but will be a reality. Again, thank you all.

With Best Wishes,

Mike Mitchell