Autumn Run 2022



This years Autumn Run was a 70 mile route starting outside Biggar and ending in Moffat organised by Charlie Young and Eddie Hawke.

We gathered at the Carmichael Bistro & Tearoom, where the friendly staff served up bacon rolls and other goodies while Road Books and final instructions were handed out.

There was a large car park and it was great to see a variety of “real” cars like Mini, Imp, Lancia Fulvia among others. Some members had opted for their “grown up” cars, leaving the “toys” at home with feeble excuses like “my backʼs too bad to get into the car” and “the carʼs in a worse state than me”! We are the Veterans, I suppose! The staff, leaving the washing up till later came out to photograph us being waved off by Charlie and Eddie, with “itʼs a Run, not a Race” ringing in our ears!


Right from the start, the minor, mainly single-track roads were just great. There was almost no traffic and despite overcast but dry weather, wonderful scenery to behold. Must be spectacular in the sun. Most of us were lusting after the excellent road surfaces on almost the whole route and would kill for similar on our major roads in own areas!

We passed signposts to Kirkfieldbank, Sandilands, Douglas Water and then through Wiston to Lamington and then east to Drumelzier before turning south and heading to Tweedsmuir. Here we turned left to cross the river Tweed and travel along the side of the Talla reservoir before ascending the steep Talla hill that would make a great hillclimb that would have rivalled the Rest and be Thankful. It was then up to Meggethead and along the side of the Megget reservoir and out to St Maryʼs Loch in the Scottish Borders.

The finish was in Moffat at the Moffat House Hotel who put on an excellent afternoon tea. There was a happy and relaxed atmosphere as everyone had enjoyed the Run. Charlie took a bit of good natured leg-pulling over some spelling in the Road Book which caused wrong-slotting and u-turning!

Thanks to Charlie and Eddie for organising this excellent event. We all went off in our separate directions, looking forward to meeting up again at our Reunion in November.



Ian Smillie.


Colin Laird and Brian Shute (Hillman Imp)

Ian Marwick and Wilma Marwick (Lexus LUX)

Tom Bicket and Marion Bicket (Porsche 944)

Nancy Crichton and Barry Crichton (BMW)

Margaret Smillie and Ian Smillie (Porsche Boxter)

Chris Paton and Mary Paton (Morris Mini)

Bill Cuthbertson and Anne Cuthbertson (Jaguar XK)

Linsey Giles and Dan Wright (Aston Martin DB7)

Jim Howden and Margaret Howden (TVR Chimaera)

Rouben Phillips and Hope Phillips (Audi TT Roadster)

Anne Head and George Head (BMW Convertible)

Ian Gemmell and Louise Gemmell (Ford Sierra Cosworth)

Craig McGibbon and Kirsten Brown (Lancia Fulvia Coupe)

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