Newsletter – 2023 April

Newsletter April 2023


The club’s aim is to bring together those who have been actively involved in Motor Sport in a variety of forms, be it competitive or organisational. The camaraderie and friendships continue since the first meeting in 2001 and the formation of the VSMA in 2006. The mix of membership is wide with many members continuing to compete alongside those who fondly remember past participation. This echoes the ethos of the VSMA, and also an encouragement for anyone to join us, if they haven’t already done so! Membership of the Association is open to any person who has had an active involvement with any branch of motorsport held in Scotland.

We are sad to inform you of the passing of the following Members:

George Cooper in December, 2022.

George Head in February, 2023.

Netta Young in April, 2023.

Alan Muir in April 2023

Arlene McInnes also in April, 2023.

Apologies for any missed announcements.

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